About Us

Manisha Singh
Founder Director

A young women named Manisha Singh was doing good in her own world. She was educated and had most of what she had dreamt of, from life. While working with some of the corporate giants she remained thoroughly committed to her work, got a decent paycheque, enjoyed holidays and bonded well with all the colleagues and stakeholders. With her loving family, life was going good for her. However, she was always taken aback and saddened to see the everyday struggle of poor people from different age groups who worked hard but were not able to earn a decent life for their family. The plight of the crowd of daily wagers standing in search of work at different chowks of Gurgaon braving extreme weather conditions would make her very upset, each day while she would travel to work. Her silent and direct interactions with underprivileged children who were deprived of a healthy and happy childhood always filled her with guilt of not doing anything for them and being a mere spectator. In an attempt to reduce the intolerable guilt, she started donating a few grocery kits containing Rice, Wheat flour pulses, salt, spices, tea, soaps etc. to 8-10 poor people every month. But was that enough? The answer was “No”.

Time flew and now it was high time for Manisha to be with her family, as her son had grown up. So, she bid adieu to her corporate journey and went on a sabbatical. Life was now at ease and more beautiful for Manisha and her family. One fine evening, she went for dinner with her family to a restaurant, in Gurgaon. Her heart sank to meet two not-so-fortunate children who were standing close to the entrance door of the restaurant. Both the children had playful expressions on their face, were smiling, muttering and at times looking at people moving in and out of the restaurant. However, it was dinner time so the family had rushed inside the restaurant. After some time, when they came out of the restaurant, they again saw those two children who had now fallen asleep on the floor, just outside the restaurant. It was a heart wrenching moment, so Manisha asked her husband to get good food for those two little children, who were all by themselves, till then. Those children were awakened, given their dinner and they ate everything happily without any thought, within no time. Meanwhile, the family kept watching those children from a distance, so that they were not grieved by anyone and then moved on. While travelling back home, Manisha and her husband kept discussing “What we did just now, would it really help those two little children? The answer was “No”.

Time kept ticking and there were reports of outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. Disturbing pictures of human sufferings started surfacing. Time was tough for the entire world, however countless helping hands worked tirelessly, and rendered selfless support to the needy. Post the lockdown period, when things were easing out, one day, someone rang the doorbell. Manisha peeped through the mesh door and saw a frail looking old man standing outside the gate of the house. Her husband went out and spoke to the person. Their conversation went long and after around 10-15 minutes, she got to know that the person used to work as a security guard in one of the companies in Gurgaon. However, the poor man had lost his job during the Corona lockdown period. Sudden job loss came to him as a shock, gave him the stress that he was not ready for as he was clueless about the future of his family and how he would arrange for their everyday meals. It was the start of a new month and Manisha had the grocery kit for the monthly donation to the needy bought and stored in the house, so one kit was handed over to him and the surprise guest couldn’t stop his teary eyes. The poor man was relieved for the time being, as he felt heard and valued. He had worked all his life with dignity and it was not easy for him to ring door bells only to ask for help. The poor man further shared how in search of job, he had travelled to different areas of Gurgaon on foot however, nothing worked, and as he didn’t have the choice to stop so he had started hunting for help. That particular day, as his sincere concern was acknowledged on humanitarian grounds, he further mustered all his courage to ask for some financial help, as he had to get his cooking gas cylinder refilled and his pocket was empty. The poor man was offered required financial support and thereafter was asked to head back home for some peace. He went back with some relief and Manisha smiled in peace along with her family and thereafter thought “Have I really done something substantial to make an impact in someone’s life?” Again, the answer was “No”.

For a few months in a row, Manisha and her family donated free grocery kits with basic essential items to more than 1500 needy families and individuals. The beneficiaries were mainly poor migrant labourers, ice-cream vendors, rickshaw pullers, flute sellers and poor women. Again the question for Manisha and her family was “Can we do better than what we did till date, for people who are in need of good health, food, social security and overall a life of dignity?” The answer was “Yes”. It was high time for the young woman to develop a strong and sustainable framework and render selflessly for the upliftment of the uneducated, poor & marginalized communities who were living with fewer advantages, opportunities, and privileges. A lot of research work was done during the informal interaction with the daily wagers, migrant labourers, underprivileged children and others, that provided much needed insights to figure out their challenges and chalk out action plans to combat them.

With the onset of the year 2022, Manisha teamed up with a group of likeminded people and it was time for the humble beginning of “Hope for Happiness Foundation” a section 8 registered company that is located in Gurgaon. The not for profit organization has started working on a few projects like education for underprivileged children, grocery kit distribution for instant food relief to the needy etc. with the intent to reduce human sufferings and value each human life. All hands on the deck to make “Hope for Happiness Foundation” as one of the most trusted humanitarian organizations, as our passion to work selflessly for the needy communities has strengthened us to move ahead with a clear vision and goals.

Our Vision

A caring world in which all social ills & poverty have been eradicated and all people live a dignified life.