Food for Poor and Needy

“It is an eternal obligation toward the human being not to let him suffer from hunger when one has a chance of coming to his assistance”. – Simone Well.
“Food – there’s no greater gift.”- Dikembe Mutombo
“When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed.” – Mother Teresa
“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.” – Buzz Aldrin

OUR PROJECT- “Choti Si Asha”

Millions of people in India migrate to different cities and towns in search of livelihood and a better life. The migrant labour population show courage in the face of adversity by taking the job of farm labourers, construction workers or else work for different contractors as daily labourers. For this workforce, there is no job security, as most of them are involved in seasonal work or short term projects. They are often not paid on time and also experience untold deductions, which makes them financially vulnerable.

Hope for Happiness Foundation(HFHF) leaves no stone unturned to respond to different crisis situations that demands immediate food relief, as the disadvantaged can’t be left on their own to fight their battle against hunger. To provide instant food relief to such emotionally and financially distressed population, HFHF gets the required support and donation from kind-hearted members of our society, compassionate donors and volunteers. With ample support from the society we get the strength to carry on our high impact welfare projects for the needy.

One of our most important projects is ”Choti is Asha” under which we provide grocery kits containing essentials like rice, flour, pulses, spices, tea, oil, sugar, soaps etc., so that the disadvantaged family can be fed for 15-30 days. Additionally, we provide grocery kits to the needy children who are a part of our learning centre and are enrolled in our project “Padho”, as children cannot read, write, play, think or learn, in case they are famished. Most importantly, all our grocery kits are wrapped with empathy and love for the weakest, whose everyday contribution in our daily lives cannot be ignored.


Life of a flute vendor is very difficult in a metropolitan city like Delhi. Most of them are very talented, as they produce various melodious tunes throughout the day in an effort to sell their flutes in a market or other public places. These flute vendors mesmerise people with their soothing music, however, do not earn enough to make their ends meet.

Ever since the outbreak of novel corona virus, the flute vendors have been living in unquiet times as their only source of livelihood got threatened. Understanding the plight of these unknown without a second thought, Hope for Happiness Foundation had reached out to some of these vendors to provide immediate food support and had distributed grocery kits containing flour, pulses, oil, sugar, tea, soaps, soybean chunks etc, during the 3rd wave of corona virus. One fine day, we had met a flute vendor by the roadside who was standing there for a breather. He looked extremely weak, unwell and malnourished. Without asking any question from him, we offered him the required help and he was surprised to the core. He couldn’t understand anything, however, politely accepted the grocery kit and smiled.

He told us that recently he had a fall and had difficulty in walking. So after a small walk, each time, he had to take rest. We asked him to go back home and take rest for a few days. He agreed and said that he would take rest for a little while and recover fast, so that his children can get food on plate each day. We exchanged smiles and silently moved on. He was a bread winner and a father who was fighting against all the odds to take care of his family. Through our project “Choti si Asha”, we make an attempt to address one of the concerns of the needy that concerns us all i.e food.

Our Vision

A caring world in which all social ills & poverty have been eradicated and all people live a dignified life.