Our Social Ventures

Awareness Drives: Primary healthcare

Formal healthcare system is far from the reach of the marginalized because of unreasonable high cost and lack of access to quality health services for the disadvantaged population. Through awareness drives, HFHF addresses mother & child nutritional needs, hygiene issues and other ways to improve health seeking behaviour of the disadvantaged population.


At our learning centres, we execute one of our projects “Padho” that has been meticulously crafted for our young learners, keeping in mind their learning objectives and the overall goals of the program. The project, teaching techniques and learning materials imparts age appropriate knowledge to all the students who have been classified into 3 broad categories.

A) School drop outs

B) Out of school children

C) Children in need of tuition for additional support

Food for poor and needy

OUR PROJECT- “Choti Si Asha”

Millions of people in India migrate to different cities and towns in search of livelihood and a better life. The migrant labour population show courage in the face of adversity by taking the job of farm labourers, construction workers or else work for different contractors as daily labourers. For this workforce, there is no job security, as most of them are involved in seasonal work or short term projects. They are often not paid on time and also experience untold deductions, which makes them financially vulnerable. Hope for Happiness Foundation(HFHF) leaves no stone unturned to respond to different crisis situations that demands immediate food relief, as the disadvantaged can’t be left on their own to fight their battle against hunger.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Let us understand the term WASH

The acronym WASH denotes access to clean & sufficient drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene. WASH program is crucial for good hygiene practices, student school attendance, health improvement, life expectancy, reduce illness and socio-economic development. Access to WASH services contributes to prevention of outbreaks of life threatening WASH-related diseases like cholera, typhoid, dengue etc.


Our blue planet, the environment, various natural resources, different life forms and ecosystem have been harmed enough. Climate change, global warming, rising sea level, different types of pollution, deforestation, loss of marine life, myriads of natural disasters are threating mankind to act wisely, with immediate effect. Else, dangerous ecological catastrophe can be the reason for serious humanitarian catastrophe with grave negative impacts on human survival.

Our Vision

A caring world in which all social ills & poverty have been eradicated and all people live a dignified life.