Save the Environment

Our blue planet, the environment, various natural resources, different life forms and ecosystem have been harmed enough. Climate change, global warming, rising sea level, different types of pollution, deforestation, loss of marine life, myriads of natural disasters are threating mankind to act wisely, with immediate effect. Else, dangerous ecological catastrophe can be the reason for serious humanitarian catastrophe with grave negative impacts on human survival.

 Let us follow a few simple things and do our bit to save the environment:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle things that we use in our daily life e.g. plastic bottles. Say no to “Use & throw” items
  • Buy or gift fresh flowers, however avoid plastic covering that comes with it, as it is of no use and is toxic for the environment
  • Wholeheartedly support campaigns & drives that are run in an effort to protect the environment. Spread awareness and sensitize people as well as children on such topics
  • Get your Indian sweets packed in a cardboard box, however, say “NO” to the glossy plastic covering that gives an attractive look to the box. It is just a throwaway thing once removed from the box, hence why to create waste
  • Keep cloth/jute/paper bags in your car, scooter or any vehicle that you use, so that your shopping would be guilt free. Also, you would silently inspire many people to shop without using any plastic bag
  • Say “NO” to anything that adds to the wastage:
    • Use handkerchief and not tissue paper. As an alternative opt for tissue paper made from bamboo as bamboo is a grass which grows quickly as compared to a tree.
    • Use cloth towel to wrap your food items like chapatti etc. Avoid usage of foil.
    • Keep your water bottle with you at work and when you travel. This way you would avoid purchasing bottles of water which adds to eachday plastic wastage.
    • At work, use your own tea\coffee mug. Avoid usage of plastic or paper cups and stay more healthy
    • Purchase or shop for something when you need it and use a reusable bag while shopping
    • Avoid usage of use and throw items that are made up of plastic like pens, bottles, cups etc.
    • Use big and thick plastic bags as plant pots. Make small cuts in the bottom of the bag to drain out excess water. Such pots can be used in the balcony or terrace to grow Spinach, Fenugreek etc.
    • Improper littering of plastic is toxic for the environment, birds, wildlife, animals and aquatic life. Hence, say “NO” to it.
    • Food items packed in plastic bags shouldn’t be thrown anywhere as it attracts animals, is bad for animal health and too bad for the surrounding.
    • Cut down on everyday waste and what you throw in the bin. Be happy for the good work and the way you are contributing each day to save the environment
    • Do not throw seeds of fresh fruits like mangoes, black berry (jamun) etc, in your bin. Rather get them sundried and while travelling or during your nature walk just throw those sundried seeds in appropriate places. You would love to look for your baby plant or tree, whenever you would get a chance to travel using the same path again
    • Do not pollute any source of water as it is home for many aquatic animals and plants
  • Use big and thick plastic bags as plant pots. Make small cuts in the bottom of the bag to drain out excess water. Such pots can be used in the balcony or terrace to grow Spinach, Fenugreek etc.,
  • Close the tap when not in use. Ask your family members to do the same and save gallons of water.
  • Switch off your electrical gadgets, appliances and bulbs when not required
  • Keep fresh food and clean water for birds, squirrels etc, on your balcony, terrace or garden area. Unwind yourself by just watching those little creatures when they visit your place
  • Plant trees, if possible
  • Feed and love animals. Respect their habitat as well.

If you have suggestions, case stories or ideas that you believe can be followed by people in a bid to save the environment, please share with us. Support your content with relevant pictures.

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